Why Work with WCF

Our staff is skilled in working with donors who have multi-faceted objectives and complex gift situations. As your partner in charitable giving, we can help achieve success for you, for your clients and for the community. Call or email us about any aspect of charitable giving. We are also glad to arrange a meeting, at your convenience and at a place of your choosing.


We are experienced in customizing charitable giving opportunities to meet the needs of your client. We also understand how to help you communicate the benefits of a particular strategy, so that your clients make well-informed decisions they feel good about. Many individuals, corporations and nonprofit agencies also decide to work with us because of our broad knowledge of local needs.


A fund can be established with a simple fund agreement that requires less than an hour to prepare. We’ll guide you carefully through the process. This allows your client to establish a charitable fund without having to cope with the complexities of setting up a private foundation.


We take pride in our ability to customize services to meet your client’s charitable objectives. If your client wishes to remain anonymous, we can honor their request. If your client wishes to support nonprofits outside of the Greater Williamsburg area, we can do that. If your client wishes to include future generations in his or her philanthropy, we can work with the family to accomplish this goal.


An important part of our work is building a permanent collection of funds for our community. Our strong record of stewardship assures that your client’s fund will grow in perpetuity and that their charitable intent will be met now and for generations to come.

Identify your client’s charitable purpose(s) or intent(s)

We know your client considers his or her charitable gifts to be an investment. We agree. More than 70 named funds share the benefit of a knowledgeable staff, excellent financial management and a closely monitored investment strategy. In a very real sense, each donor is backed by a team of professionals who are working on his or her behalf.
We wish to be your partner in meeting the charitable giving needs of your clients. If you have additional questions or if you want to arrange a meeting with our staff, please Contact Us.