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Scholarship Applications and Deadlines

WJCC Scholarship Fund - Warhill, Lafayette, Jamestown, and Walsingham seniors may apply.ApplyMarch 5, 2023

Scholarship decisions are made in early May. All applicants will be notified of decisions in mid-May 2023.  Scholarship checks are mailed directly to the college/university in late June/early July.

The Scholarship Awards Ceremony will be held for all scholarship recipients, their families, and members of the community at Warhill High School on June 4 at 4pm.

All question should be directed to the Williamsburg Community Foundation office: Ginny Gasink,

W-JCC Scholarship Fund

The WJCC Scholarship Fund provides college scholarships for students graduating from Jamestown, Lafayette, and Warhill High Schools. Students from Walsingham Academy are eligible to apply for the Paula Kirtland Scholarship and the Lennarz Family Scholarship, and the Sutton Family Scholarship.

Scholarships range from $1,500 - $5,000 and may be used for any accredited two or four-year college programs, including career/technical education. These are one-time awards (not renewable). Students submit just one application and will be considered for all scholarships for which they are eligible. We encourage you to sign up for email notifications. We will notify you as soon as the scholarship application is available online.

Scholarships are awarded without discrimination, in consideration of these factors: curriculum difficulty, academic achievement, extra-curricular activities, application essay, and financial need. Please review the list of scholarships available, and remember this list will be updated as new scholarships become available.

It is not necessary for a student to show financial need in order to be eligible for a WJCC Scholarship Fund scholarship. Those that have financial need as a criteria will be noted on the application form. *Please note, WCF will only award scholarships to students attending schools in the United States and its territories.

Click Here to view a list of the 2022 Scholarship Recipients.

Questions? Call the WCF office at 757-259-1660 or email

Federal Financial Aid – FAFSA

Scholarships are just one part of helping pay for college. You may qualify for federal financial aid in the form of loans or grants to help you pay for your education after high school. It’s very important to complete the FAFSA form in order to see if you qualify. There is no cost to complete the FAFSA. Many colleges will also use your FAFSA information to determine financial aid packages from the school. Learn more and apply at

Get more help with Financial Aid & Scholarships – Talk to your GRASP Counselor

If you need help finding ways to pay for college, you have access to free financial aid counseling through a program called GRASP. Each high school in Williamsburg has a GRASP financial aid counselor who can help you and your family find scholarships, fill out your FAFSA, and understand your financial aid options. GRASP can even help you once you have started college. Everyone who participates is eligible to apply for a GRASP scholarship (two available). Learn more at or contact your GRASP counselor directly: