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WJCC High School Seniors OnlyClosedMarch 6, 2022
Walsingham Academy Seniors OnlyClosedMarch 6, 2022

W-JCC Scholarship Fund

The WJCC Scholarship Fund provides college scholarships for students graduating from Jamestown, Lafayette, and Warhill High Schools. Students from Walsingham Academy are eligible to apply for the Paula Kirtland Scholarship and the Lennarz Family Scholarship.

Scholarships are awarded without discrimination, in consideration of these factors: curriculum difficulty, class rank, extra-curricular activities, application essay, and financial need. Please review the list of scholarships available, and remember this list will be updated as new scholarships become available.

It is not necessary for a student to show financial need in order to be eligible for a WJCC Scholarship Fund scholarship. Those that have financial need as a criteria will be noted on the application form. *Please note, WCF will only award scholarships to students attending schools in the United States and its territories.

Click Here to view a list of the 2022 Scholarship Recipients.

Donald A. Perry Scholarship Fund - Virginia's Future Leaders Scholarship

In 2012, the Donald A. Perry Scholarship Fund was established at the Williamsburg Community Foundation.  The Virginia's Future Leaders Scholarship Program is a statewide education initiative of the Virginia broadband industry and the Donald A. Perry Foundation. For 16 years, the program has recognized and awarded scholarships to outstanding Virginia students.  This program is a one-time award and is open to Virginia residents attending an undergraduate 2 or 4 year program at a Virginia institution of higher learning. Please visit the Virginia's Future Leaders Scholarship Program page to learn more about how to apply.

Questions? Call the WCF office at 757-259-1660 or email

W-JCC Scholarship Fund Committee

Anthony Conyers III
Susan Edwards, Selection
Corinne Garland, Selection
Jim Goggin, Selection
Merry Guernsey, Selection
Shelby Hawthorne, Selection Chair
Lisa Lucas, WCF Trustee
Wilma Sharp, Committee Chair & WCF Trustee

Ad Hoc Members

Kimberley Hundley
Sally Berger (Jamestown)
Karen Peterson (Warhill)
Beth Shamaiengar (Lafayette)
Jeanne Zeidler