Grant Final Report

Did your organization apply for and receive a competitive grant from the Williamsburg Community Foundation?  If so, we are excited to hear about your work! All grant recipients should submit a brief grant report as soon as your project is complete, but not more than one year from receiving grant payment.

The grant final report is a brief, online form which uses SmarterSelect, the same application software you used when you applied for the grant.

Please note: WCF offers a number of different grants, and each grant has a corresponding final report form. Please review your grant letter to determine which grant you received, then select the appropriate link below to go to SmarterSelect to fill out the final report form:

Community Endowment

Benjamin R. Altshuler Transportation

Benjamin R. Altshuler Amateur Sports

Genevieve McGiffert Memorial Fund for the Musical Performing Arts

Williamsburg Fund for Women and Girls

An Occasion for the Arts

Jenny E. Wible Fund

       Sawyer-Brinkley Family Fund

The Williamsburg Community Foundation Distribution Committee and the Foundation Board of Trustees regularly evaluate the grants process. The grant final reports will help the Foundation better understand how your grant-funded program impacts the community.

Questions? Please contact WCF anytime at at 757-259-1660 or