3e Restoration Encourages, Equips and Empowers

Jennifer recently became a homeowner with help from 3e Restoration.

“To encourage, equip and empower faith communities to help transition   neighbors living through homelessness and social displacement to holistic sufficiency.”

This is the mission of 3e Restoration, a local nonprofit that recently received support through WCF’s Community Emergency Response Fund. While the grant was able to fund emergency shelter for homeless individuals, 3e has a unique process which goes beyond just shelter, by building meaningful relationships between clients and volunteers to help move clients towards stability.

Jennifer is one such client. With the support of a local church trained in the 3e Restoration process and the leadership of 3e Restoration, Inc., she was able to not only get out of an abusive situation, but also to get into a  workforce development program. Jennifer is now able to work, despite her own disability, and support her son who has autism. She recently purchased her own home in York County (see photo above).

3e Restoration continues to help people like Jennifer during the pandemic. With the help of WCF, FEMA, and the Virginia Housing Alliance, 3e is providing emergency shelter for 24 people. This includes individuals, seniors,  veterans, and children. Their network of volunteers and faith groups are making sure that already vulnerable residents can continue moving towards holistic sufficiency, even in the midst of a pandemic.