Community Emergency Response Fund

Working with community leaders, the Williamsburg Community Foundation has created a Community Emergency Response Fund to respond to the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the greater Williamsburg area. City of Williamsburg Vice Mayor Douglas G. “Doug” Pons and Councilman Benming “Benny” Zhang have personally pledged $10,000 to seed the Community Emergency Response FundThe Williamsburg Community Foundation has also committed $10,000 to the effort, thanks to the Genevieve K. Meder Trust, which was created to assist local people in natural disasters such as the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This Community Emergency Response Fund will provide flexible grants to nonprofit organizations that provide direct services to our community’s most vulnerable citizens and support basic needs. This includes our service area of the City of Williamsburg, James City County, and upper York County.  

The goal is to provide local nonprofits with the support they will use to help those residents most in need due to the economic downturn resulting from COVID-19. This could include seniors, children, those with health conditions, and those who work in tourism and hospitality. These grants will help those nonprofit organizations that directly assist residents who are disproportionately affected by the pandemic, and who may be in need of food, shelter, utilities and housing, or healthcare. 

UPDATE: $57,600 in grants have been distributed so far from the Community Emergency Response Fund to 3e Restoration, Avalon Center, Foodbank of the Virginia Peninsula, Grove Christian Outreach Center, Housing Partnerships, Rx Drug Access Partnership, Salvation Army, Williamsburg Faith in Action, Williamsburg Area Meals on Wheels and Williamsburg House of Mercy. Read more about the first and second round of grants on our website.

Williamsburg Community Foundation will be communicating with local nonprofits, the Williamsburg Health Foundation, and local government agencies to ensure that grants from this fund reach targeted populations most effected by COVID-19. Grants from this fund will not be provided to individuals, as individuals may seek assistance directly from agencies that receive grant funds.  The next round of grants will go out in mid-May.

The Foundation is waiving its normal administrative fee, so that all funds received can be used to directly support our local nonprofit organizations  In the future, if funds raised through the Community Emergency Response Fund are no longer needed for COVID-19 Pandemic relief, remaining funds will be reserved for future local disaster relief efforts.  

Anyone can make a contribution to the Community Emergency Response Fund by giving online, mailing a contribution, or calling the office to give by credit card. In addition, the Foundation encourages local donors to continue to support nonprofits directly with monetary and in-kind donations, as you are able.  

If you have questions about this fund, please contact Nancy Sullivan at or call 757-259-1660. 

To make a donation to the Community Emergency Response Fund, CLICK HERE.

To Donate by Check: 

Make checks payable to “Williamsburg Community Foundation,” with “Community Emergency Response Fund” in the memo line. 

Mail to:  

Williamsburg Community Foundation  

1323 Jamestown Road, Suite 103 

Williamsburg, VA 23185

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Get Involved

The following organization are encouraging donations of food to assist those impacted by the economic downturn:

Community of Faith Mission 

Grove Christian Outreach Center

Williamsburg House of Mercy

Hospital Supplies Needed:


Thank you to everyone who has donated so far!

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Adams
Anne & Kenneth Allen
Catherine Allen
William & Sally Andrews
Charles Baker
Nicholas Balascio
Jayne Barnard
James & Sue Barton
Ann & John Beard
Hope & Bobby Beck
Roger Best
Doris & Chip Bixler
Daniel Blankinship
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Blanks
Donald & Sandra Boing
Jan Brown
Clement & Cherry Brown
Peter Burke
Dian Calderone
Michael Carron
Linda & Tim Caviness
Mr. Jie Chen & Ms. Weizhen Mao
Suzanne Coffman
Ms. Lori Conen
David & Jeanne Corson
Paul & Pat Cox
Chip & Becky Crews
Charles & Ginny Crone
Robert Cumming
Maxine Cunningham
John & Julia Curtis
Fred Dellamura & Pamela Estelle
S. Jane deSolms
Ms. Shirley Devan
Mr. Xue Dong & Mrs. Qingling Yang
Charles S. & Millicent P. Brown Family Foundation
Nadine Dunn
Ron & Verona Dunn
Nancy W. Dutro
James & Martha Easton
Andrew C. Edwards
Patricia Dolan Ettus & Douglas Ettus
Susan Evans
Dr. Xia Feng & Dr. Gexi Yu
New Oriental Crafts Corporation
Ms. Jodi Fisler
John & Sara Fogarty
Rachel Frazier
Charles & Corinne Garland
Neil Glenicki
Mr. J. Lesslie Hall III
Mr. Channing M. Hall III
Joe & Leanne Harrow
Mr. & Mrs. H. Keith Henry
Bill & Donna Herman
Kathy & Bruce Hornsby
Andrew Huang
Mrs. Yuwen Huang & Dr. Wei Yang
Yingping Zhang
Ron & Heather Hunt
Susan Jennaro
Mr. James Joseph
Kay W. Kane
Joann Kansier
Joan Keith
Gretchen & Michael Kelley
A. Kent Harrell & Kendall Kerby
Colleen Kearns
Clare & James Kitz
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Knowles
Mrs. Gary Krull
Mr. & Mrs. David Lennarz
Dr. Wei Hua Liu
Scinco Inc.
Ron & Carolyn Lodzieski
Albert O. Louer
Lisa & Christopher Lucas
Friends of Monty Mason
Eric McDonald
Jane Medlin & Harry Burton
Kerry & Peter Mellette
Jeanne H. & Michael A. Millin
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Minor III
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Minor
Susan Morrison
Mr. Wayne Moyer
Mr. Wen Guo Mu
Friends of Tommy Norment
Terry & Carolyn O’Connor
Helen Oderisi
Lane Olson
Virignia Green Lawn Care
Kim Orthner
Christopher Peck
Dr. Xuanxie Pei
Dr. Robert Piascik & Dr. Christine Piascik
Paula Pickering
Douglas & Melissa Pons
Fran Pons
Margaret Beck Pritchard
Anne & Rex Prosser
Ms. Pamela Reiss
Terry Ricks
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rippe
Susan & Gary Ripple
Gale & Bill Roberts
Caleb Rogers
Laurie Rokutani
Mr. Mark Rollins
David & Marilyn Ross
George & Patricia Rublein
Van & Barbara Ruckman
Williamsburg Health Foundation
Mrs. Bette Mae Schintzel
Larkin & Danny Schmidt
Robert & Sylvia Scholnick
Mr. Paul Scott & Ms. Ana Maria Pascale
Jaime Settle
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Shelly
Dr. Junping Shi & Mrs. Yanjie Chen
Kate F. Slevin & Robert F. Yeomans
Claudia Smith
Chris Smith
Steven & Carter Sonders
Dianne & Roger Spearman
Mr. Andreas Stathopoulos & Ms. Evgenia Smirni
Paul & Bonita Stockmeyer
Hunt & Mary Berryman
Nancy & Bill Sullivan
Stuart & Georgette Swan
Jane & Bob Taylor
Nicole Trifone
Allen & Mary Turnbull
Jane Van Dyke
Mr. Harry Ward
Dr. Hans von Baeyer & Dr. Barbara Watkinson
Virginia Wertman & Stanley Bolding
Jack & Judy Wickens
The Virginia Beer Company
Robert Willey
Williamsburg Insurance Associates & Erie Insurance
Forrest & Chrissy Williamson
Jim & Dougie Winthrop
Douglas Wisniewski
Dixie D. Wolf & Henry C. Wolf
Lisa & Wally Wood
Mr. Frank Wood
Amy Xia
Ms. Karen Youshock
Han Zhang & Jinlan Liu Foundation
Mr. Benming “Benny” Zhang