Wible Fund Helps Salvation Army Bring Hope, Change Lives

Salvation Army helped 520 kids with school supplies last year.

Since 2017, WCF has provided grants to three local charities from the Jenny E. Wible Fund, made possible by a generous bequest from a local resident. Thanks to the prudent management of the endowment, each year the grants have grown. This year, the Salvation Army of Williamsburg received $26,085 to support its vision of building lives by breaking the poverty cycle.

For hundreds of Williamsburg residents, the Salvation Army is the place to turn when you need help to pay your electric bill, or could use some assistance from their food pantry. For others, often referred by social services, the Salvation Army offers a transitional housing program, providing up to two years of support. Seven families participate in transitional housing right now.

This experience can be transformational for some. Betty had been struggling with drug abuse, and had lost custody of her children. With support from Salvation Army, Betty found a job, got her GED, regained custody of her kids, and is now qualified to rent an apartment on her own.

Salvation Army is one of many nonprofits in our area that make up the safety net for members of our community. Vicki Davis, Social Services Program Manager, reports that the volume of clients has not yet returned to pre-pandemic levels. Here is a snapshot of emergency assistance in 2020:

• Rent Assistance— 108 families
• Motel nights provided—532
• Food Boxes Distributed —2,948
• People assisted with gas/bus transportation—193
• Parents assisted with baby supplies — 330
• Households Assisted with Meals—2,948