The Perisie Scholarship Fund

James Perisie

By all accounts, Jim Perisie was a very private man. He had a varied career, starting out in the U.S. Navy, working for General Electric for many years, and finally moving to Williamsburg in 1994, where he opened Perisie Jewelers in McLaws Circle. Along with his wife, Halide, Jim Perisie lived in Kingsmill for many years. Although we don’t know all the details of their lives together here, we can tell a lot by the decision they made to leave a legacy for our community.
After experiencing some health issues themselves, Jim and Halide felt strongly that there was a real need for more general practitioners in Williamsburg. They wanted to do something to address the need they saw and to leave a legacy that would truly help their community. They decided to include Williamsburg Community Foundation in their estate plan, to create a scholarship fund for medical school students. The Perisie Scholarship in Memory of James P. and H. Bihin Perisie will provide for one scholarship each year for a female student from greater Williamsburg to attend medical school in Virginia or North Carolina.

Halide Perisie

The Perisie Scholarships will benefit our entire community, as they are specifically for a student who plans to have a general practice in the Williamsburg area. This kind of gift can be transformational – for the student, her family, and all those whose lives will be touched by her work as a physician. What an incredible legacy for our community.

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