The Holbach-Hill Memorial Fund

Frank and Ruth Holbach

Siblings Mary, Michael, and Douglas Hill and  Deborah Anderson established the Holbach-Hill Memorial Fund to honor the memory of their parents and grandparents who had a long history of philanthropic giving. This endowed donor-advised fund will support the causes that the family cares about, assisting the working poor and providing healthcare for uninsured or underinsured families both today and long into the future.

The siblings see the fund as a way to demonstrate and pass along the legacy of giving that they inherited from their parents and grandparents.  They remember their grandparents, Frank and Ruth Holbach, as not wealthy in the material sense, but having the most caring and generous hearts. Ruth worked with low-income moms to help them prepare healthy meals on a budget. There were doctor visits paid for and a needed bed provided. If someone was sick, or arriving home with a new baby, meals were made and delivered.  Bags of groceries were dropped off anonymously if they knew a family was struggling.

Donald and Patricia Hill

“They were the most loving, kind, and joyful people.” This example of caring for others was passed on to their parents, Donald and Patricia Hill who gave very generously of their time and talent, serving on multiple committees in their church and generously supporting the Children’s Advocacy Center in Texas.  Donald and Patricia also felt that every child should have a bike. They would look through all the angel tree requests and ensure that every request for a bike was fulfilled.  Some years there were only a few bikes and other years there were a few dozen, but the siblings remember that it brought their parents tremendous joy to play their part in bringing a smile to a child’s face.

Through the Holbach-Hill Memorial Fund, the family tradition of “how can I help others help themselves” will continue with this generation. WCF is so grateful for this gift that will truly help fulfill our vision: A vibrant community with a commitment to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to thrive.