Student Spotlight: Ty Garland Hundley


Fannye Scruggs Rorer, RN Memorial Nursing Scholarship

What are you most proud of achieving in your school career so far? I am most proud of campaigning in the Students of the Year Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. My father was diagnosed with Hairy Celled leukemia a couple years ago and since then beat it. However, I wanted to do something bigger than myself and impact others so for 7 weeks I fundraised with a good friend of mine who’s mother had breast cancer as well. We did not reach our goal however, I was still grateful to be able to help other families financially with leukemia!

Where are you going to college? Why did you choose that school? I will be attending VCU in the fall of 2019. I chose VCU because it is in the heart of Richmond and I love the city. Also because it’s not too far from my parents who are here in Williamsburg and my grandmother who is in Fluvanna county, VA.

What do you plan to study and what attracted you to that field? I plan on studying nursing. Because MCV is on the campus of VCU is convenient for nursing students. I became attracted to nursing when my mother was on bed rest while pregnant with my younger brother. She would always watch the birthing shows on TLC and I would tune in with her at 3 years old. I instantly was attracted to baby doctors and decided I wanted to become a Neonatal Nurse practitioner around the age of 8.

If you know already, what do you hope to do after college? After college I hope to be a certified Nurse and go back to school to get my practitioner license to become a Neonatal Nurse practitioner.

What is one fun fact about you that you would like to share? One fun fact about me is that since last year when he passed I had a 26 year old tarantula named Spike who has been our house pet since my mother got him 26 years ago. I have always grown up with him in our home. However, don’t get me wrong if he was ever to get out of his cage I would be staying with a friend until he is found (LOL).

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