Student Spotlight: JanLou Lawson



Joann Bierenbaum Memorial Scholarship

What are you most proud of achieving in your school career so far?  

Throughout my high school career, I tended to shy away from things that put me in the spotlight. However, I am most proud of myself for being selected to speak at my graduation. I am so glad I took the initiative and let my voice be heard. 


Where are you going to college? Why did you choose that school?

I am going to the University of Virginia in the fall. I chose that school because I hope to make great connections there and have an expanded perspective on the world around me. I fell in love with the Wahoo spirit and the beautiful area of Charlottesville. It is far from home, but not too far to the point of feeling completely lost. It felt like home. 


What do you plan to study and what attracted you to that field?

I plan on studying psychology. Growing up, I have always found it interesting and helpful to identify and resolve emotional conflicts. I took AP Psych in high school and excelled, so I am hoping that my passion for helping others paired with my knowledge from a degree will give me a professional career where I feel like I make a difference.  


If you know already, what do you hope to do after college? 

Unfortunately, I don't know already. If money works out, I would like to go to grad school and receive a PhD in something. What that something is, I hope to discover on my journey.


What is one fun fact about you that you would like to share?

I am Filipino-American and I was adopted when I was 4 years old. Coming from nothing, it truly is a humbling experience to have accomplished so many things on my own. My adoptive mother suffers from Alzheimer's now, but being able to make her proud is a powerful driving force in my motivations! Love you Mom!

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