Scholarship Honors Founder of School of the Arts

Claudine Carew

An influential member of Williamsburg’s drama community, Claudine Carew shaped the next generation of thespians during her career as a teacher, actor, and drama director. She founded the York County School of the Arts in 1988, where she inspired and expected excellence. Indeed, two of her students won national awards for young playwrights.

When Carew passed away in 1998, colleagues came together to create the Claudine Carew Spirit of the Arts Award to recognize a School of the Arts student with a scholarship. Co-Founders Charles and Carolee Bush initially funded the award from Wedgewood Renaissance productions, done in conjunction with the William & Mary Shakespeare Festival. The fund is now managed by the Williamsburg Community Foundation.

Elijiah Smith

2021 scholarship recipient Elijiah Smith is a multi-talented student who wrote an original sea shanty. In his           application, he wrote about how his work in music, writing, and photography have made him more open to exploring new ideas, thinking outside the box.

“I plan to attend Dartmouth College this fall,” says Smith. “I don’t know exactly what I want to do after that, but I know that the creativity and flexibility that the arts have taught me will continue to allow me to solve problems in whatever environment I find myself in.”