Foundation Focus: Environment and Conservation

Within our efforts to improve the quality of life for area residents, protecting and conserving our community assets are a key component. Among the many treasures of our community are our rivers and waterways, parks, greenspaces and historical sites.

What we envision:

  • A community where the key physical assets of our community are valued and maintained.
  • A community where our natural resources are preserved and maintained
  • Preserving and maintaining our historic sites continues to be a high priority for our community.

What we support:

  • Programs that educate the public about our local environmental resources.
  • Programs to promote the preservation and conservation of natural resources.
  • Programs that promote the recreational and therapeutic use of our natural resources.
  • Programs that engage local residents in our key physical resources.

What we measure:

  • Number of residents served.
  • Acres of land under conservation easement or conserved for public benefit.

What we know:

Virginia Outdoors Plan
(Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation)

Regional Recommendations for Hampton Roads
(Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation)

How to Contribute:- click here to contribute to the Environment and Conservation Fund or call us at 757-259-1660 for more information.