Leaving a Legacy: Julia Everts & Mark Greenawalt Fund

Dottie’s fund supports nursing scholarships

“The beauty of the scholarship fund is that it can keep going for many years!” says Dottie Haramis. She created a fund at Williamsburg Community Foundation in 2009 to support nursing scholarships. That fund, made in honor of her mother and nephew—both nurses — has  already helped nine students get their careers started.

This year, after reading a particularly moving thank you note from the scholarship recipient, Dottie realized that if she made a plan to keep the scholarship going through her will, she could keep making this kind of personal impact on future nurses for years.

Camden Lunsford, 2020 scholarship recipient

I know that my gift is really going to make a difference in that young person’s life,” says  Dottie, who spent her whole life helping kids. She worked with young people as a speech therapist, teacher, principal, and  ultimately the Director of Special Education for Fairfax County Public Schools, in Northern Virginia.

The Julia Everts & Mark Greenawalt Fund is just one example of how members of WCF’s Legacy Society are planning to invest in our community’s future. Want to join the Legacy Society? Contact Nancy to learn more: 259-1660, ncsullivan@williamsburgcommunityfoundation.org.