Local Advisor Partners

For investment advisors, financial planners, brokers and trust officers with clients who have philanthropic intentions, a client’s gift to charity may mean that the advisor loses the benefit of managing those assets. The Williamsburg Community Foundation has established a program that allows a local option for any advisor to become an investment manager of the Community Foundation and maintain custody of their client’s assets. Because most community foundations use only one or just a few advisors to custody and manage assets given for charitable purposes, advisors are often reluctant to refer their clients to a foundation. A partnership between the philanthropic experience of the Community Foundation, combined with the investment experience of local advisors, is a winning combination for the donor and the community. local advisor partners

Your Partners in Client Solutions
Williamsburg Community Foundation offers a unique model for working with multiple local advisors for the greater good of the communities we serve. The Foundation recently engaged Mason Investment Advisory Services, Inc. of Reston, Virginia, to assist with this program. Mason is a Registered Investment Advisor with over $5 billion in assets under management and specializes in managing the assets of community foundations. Many of Mason’s community foundation clients maintain relationships with multiple advisors. In partnership with Mason, local advisors are invited to refer their charitably inclined clients to the Community Foundation to discover the power and potential of their philanthropic dreams. Our goal is to assist advisors in managing the charitable giving of their clients. Mason’s role is to assist the Community Foundation in establishing the appropriate asset allocation for the pooled assets of all donors.

Benefits of Partnering with the Williamsburg Community Foundation

There is a need for those who have wealth to be involved and engaged in their communities and to invest their resources in ways that make a difference. That difference can be made when advisors see philanthropy as a primary element of the guidance they provide to clients.

• Add an extra level of top quality service for your clients by linking them to effective charitable options
• Remain in control of your client relationships


• Maintain relationship with trusted advisor while leaving a legacy for the community
• Obtain maximum federal and state tax benefits and easily match personal charitable interests with tax planning
• Gift a variety of assets, from cash and appreciated stocks to real estate and more complicated assets
• Gain access to the Community Foundation’s deep knowledge of critical issues affecting our region
• Choose from a variety of ways to give now or later as part of their estate plans

How Does the Program Work?

• Advisor holds the donated assets in custody and manages the assets on behalf of the Community Foundation.
• The allocation should resemble the approved allocations in the Investment Policy Statement.
• Mason coordinates with advisor on specific asset classes they will hold based on approved investment choices.
• Mason will track the portfolio by downloading data into their system on a daily basis.
• Any WCF donor fund managed on a standalone basis by the local advisor will increase or decrease as a result of its standalone performance.
• Fees and expenses charged by the local advisor will be deducted solely from the assets held with the local advisor.

Two Options Are Available:

Option 1
Mason monitors the portfolio and advises the Foundation on results.

Option 2
Mason applies its approved rebalancing methodology. With this option, Mason monitors the portfolio and communicates trades to the local advisor when needed.

For more information on Mason Investments, contact Will Thorpe at (703) 716-6000, ext. 124, or visit www.masoncompanies.com or to learn more about partnering with Williamsburg Community Foundation, contact Executive Director Nancy Sullivan at 757-259-1660 or ncsullivan@williamsburgcommunityfoundation.org.