Housing Partnership, Inc.

Abbitt Woodall, executive director, and Brandie Weiler display a new First Aid Kit, Portable Eye Wash Station, and CPR Pack.

Members of the Williamsburg Community Foundation’s Distribution Committee have begun visiting past grant recipients to interview them about the outcomes of programs that have been funded recently. The visits have not only provided valuable information about the results of these programs they also have helped committee members expand their perspective on the needs in our community.

The Housing Partnership, Inc. of Williamsburg (HPI) is a nonprofit agency that provides vital housing repair services to very low-income individuals, and families who are unable to help themselves due to sickness, disability, or lack of financial resources. A typical project conducted in October involved the replacement of a roof for a senior citizen. The roof was in ill repair and was likely to make the house uninhabitable in cold weather. Fourteen William and Mary students spent a Saturday morning removing the old roof. Later that day a contractor installed the new roofing material donated by James City County.

Students pitch in to help replace a roof for a retired senior citizen in James City County.

Groups of volunteers are transported to their work site in a refurbished school bus. Thanks to a grant by the Williamsburg Community Foundation, this vehicle and all other vehicles used by HPI are equipped with a Contractors First Aid Kit. In addition, each work site has one of the First Aid Kits. The grant from WCF also paid for a portable emergency eyewash station and CPR kit.

This is just one of the many excellent programs assisted by the Foundation in the past year.