Heritage Humane Society

The Heritage Humane Society took in over 2,000 animals in 2008. The SNIP! Program will help reduce the number of neglected animals throughout our area.

The Heritage Humane Society has received a grant of $3,920 from the Williamsburg Community Foundation and its Business Partners to fund the SNIP program. The SNIP-mobile (Spay and Neuter Immediately, Please!) is one of the most effective resources available to provide free, safe, and accessible spaying and neutering services. The SNIP-mobile provides these services to low income families free of charge at a convenient location in order to spay and neuter as many animals as possible. With the number of neglected animals increasing annually, it is imperative to take preemptive action to ensure that the number of mistreated animals remains at the bare minimum. One SNIP-mobile at a cost of $980 is able to spay or neuter 28 pets.

In 2009 the Heritage Humane Society has taken in over 780 dogs and cats. Through the actions of the Humane Society and the SNIP program it is possible to drastically reduce the number of un-wanted animals in our community.

By underwriting this problem through the SNIP program, the WCF will enable the Society to focus its resources on the already high number of neglected animals in our community, hopefully finding families to provide a loving home for these pets.