Building Community through the Arts

Tasha Y. Hill presents her work at an Armed Services Arts Partnership weekend

As the owner of an interior design firm, Jim Mundy has been in the business of making the world a more beautiful place for forty years.

Yet he has a vision for something more. “We live in a world that is so often devoid of beauty. So it’s utterly fantastic that groups like the Community Foundation are making more arts funding available in Williamsburg”, Jim says. “By contributing to the Arts and Culture Fund at the Foundation, I know that my little bit goes so much further, because it’s combined with other donations to make a stronger impact.”

Jim Mundy

Jim describes himself as a big-picture person who is grateful to the Foundation for translating his vision of a more beautiful world into a reality. Thanks to Jim’s contribution and many others, the Foundation is able to fund organizations such as the Armed Services Arts Partnership, a non-profit that helps veterans, service members, and military families reintegrate into their communities through the arts.


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