Apply for a Grant

Grant Applications and Deadlines

Please submit a grant application, grant budget and any required attachments by the deadline indicated below.

Community EndowmentAvailable in mid-MayJune 17, 2020 (midnight)
Genevieve McGiffert Fund for the Musical Performing ArtsTBDTBD
An Occasion for the ArtsTBDTBD
Altshuler Amateur Sports GrantAvailable in mid-MaySeptember, 2020
Altshuler Memorial Fund Transportation GrantAvailable in mid-MayJune 17, 2020
Fund for Women and GirlsAvailable in mid-MayJune 17, 2020

Rules for submitting applications:

  1. Read carefully the Grant Guidelines and Policies before completing the Grant Application and Budget Forms.
  2. Fill out the on-line application using the appropriate link above. Once you begin the online application, you can save and return to it as needed. Please do not start multiple applications.
  3. Download and fill out the Budget Form here.
  4. Both application and budget forms must be filled out completely for an applicant to be considered. For example, please review the Sample Budget Form and Sample Budget Narrative.
  5. If you are applying for more than one grant opportunity, please fill out a separate application and budget form for each grant.
  6. Applications must be completed by midnight on January 15, 2020.
  7. Only applications completed on-line will be accepted.
  8. Applications will not be accepted if the organization’s final grant report for a previous grant is overdue.

We will be glad to answer any questions about the format or grant process, and we look forward to learning more about your ideas for enriching greater Williamsburg.

Call 757-259-1660 with questions prior to submitting your application.

The Foundation is interested in receiving applications from organizations that support a broad range of community enrichment opportunities and respond to changing community needs.

We have reframed our grant priorities to better reflect how our grant investments impact the community through five specific areas of interest: Arts & Culture, Children & Young Adults, Environment & Conservation, Health & Community Wellness, and Senior Services.

Funding Cycle and Grant Deadlines

The Williamsburg Community Foundation has two grant rounds, fall and spring. Awards are announced in April and October.

Spring Grants

  • Grants Available:  Community Endowment Grants, Genevieve McGiffert Fund for the Musical Performing Arts, An Occasion for the Arts grants
  • Application Available:  Closed
  • Deadline: Closed
  • Awards Luncheon: Canceled due to COVID-19

Fall Grants

  • Community Endowment, Williamsburg Fund for Women and Girls, Benjamin R. Altshuler Memorial Fund Transportation grants
    • Application Available: Mid-May, 2020
    • Deadline: June 17, 2020
    • Awards Luncheon: Mid-October, 2020
  • Altshuler Amateur Sports Grants
    • Application Available: Mid-May, 2020
    • Deadline: September 2020
    • Awards announced in December

Grant Opportunities

Community Endowment Grants

  • Support for a diverse range of philanthropic purposes including the arts, civic affairs, community development, conservation, cultural activities, education, historic preservation, social services and other fields that benefit citizens in its service area, which encompasses Williamsburg, James City County and York County.
  • Special attention to projects that have a broad community benefit, that will provide enrichment or enhancement to the lives of residents and/or that demonstrate the potential benefit of an innovative program to the community at-large.
  • Grants up to $5,000

Fund for Women and Girls

  • Established by Stephanie and Bob King to support programs for women and girls in need in the greater Williamsburg area.
  • Supports programs for women and girls
  • Preference given to programs that assist low income women and girls
  • Grants up to $1,000

Benjamin R. Altshuler Memorial Fund Transportation Grants

  • Established by the Estate of Benjamin Altshuler to make transportation accessible and affordable enabling all residents of the area to participate in community life
  • Supports programs which provide transportation including public transportation
  • Preference for programs assisting low-income residents and those without ready access to a car
  • Programs may support alternative transportation initiatives (i.e., bike paths, etc. with a matching gift up to $5,000)
  • Grants up to $5,000
  • Note: Organizations are only eligible to receive three consecutive years of transportation funding. They must wait for at least a year before applying again. Call the WCF office (757-259-1660) if you have questions regarding eligibility.

Benjamin R. Altshuler Memorial Fund Amateur Sports Grants

  • Provide financial assistance to amateur sports programs, with a preference for wrestling, but also in other athletic programs that are not readily available to the public (i.e. fencing, lacrosse, boxing, marksmanship, crew, etc.). Wrestling programs must be part of the Bay Rivers District, or private schools (nonprofits) within the service area of the Bay Rivers District.
  • Funds may be used to support tuition assistance, scholarships to players, expenses for officials, and/or for equipment and uniforms. Funds may not be used to support hotel rooms, travel or coaches? salaries.
  • Preference will be given to applications which support low to moderate income children and youth.
  • Grants up to $5,000

Genevieve McGiffert Fund for the Musical Performing Arts

  • Established by Linda and Donald Baker and Michael McGiffert to support vocal performances for adults.
  • Supports vocal music performances intended for a primarily adult audience
  • Grants up to $1,600

An Occasion for the Arts Fund

  • Established by An Occasion for the Arts.
  • Supports programs in visual arts such as drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, print making, ceramics, jewelry making, metal crafting, wood working, and glasswork. Preference for programs with positive community impact.
  • Grants up to $1,400

Applicants may apply for a Community Endowment grant and/or one of the others above. Generally, an organization will receive only one grant in a year.

Questions? Contact us.