Williamsburg Kiwanis Headliners

August 21, 2019 – Today, the Kiwanis Club of Williamsburg and the Williamsburg Kiwanis Foundation teamed up to support Grove Christian Outreach, One Child Center for Autism, Literacy for Life, and Latisha’s House delivering a total of $49,985.00.  Each organization received a sum of $12,496.25.

In 2018, the Kiwanis Club of Williamsburg Foundation partnered with Williamsburg Community Foundation to establish a charitable endowment fund that will benefit children and families through grants like the ones awarded today.

Learn more about these four organizations below:

Latisha’s House

Latisha’s House Foundation is delighted to be a grant recipient of Kiwanis Club of Williamsburg.  The monies will be used to help survivors of sex trafficking and their children in their “forever” homes. At Latisha’s House, women go through crisis stabilization, learn life skills, and acquire the ability to truly take care of themselves and their children. The grant will allow us to further their successes and enable us to better assist them with long-term safe housing and support. The continued restoration of these families in a stable environment is our long-term goal. Our motto is “Changing one life at a time and changing the world for future generations.”  Your funding will help us to do just that. 

One Child Center for Autism 

Children with developmental differences can have caregiving needs that are both expensive, physically rigorous, and extensive, which are undoubtedly, stressful. These needs often interfere with a families ability to access typical social and recreational activities either for their child, siblings, or as a family leading to social isolation and frustration. However, these families want opportunities for their children to engage in social or recreational activities in settings that are equipped to manage their child’s unique needs. Kids’ Night creates a unique environment where families of children with developmental differences are given a night of social and recreational opportunities for all their children in an environment that is equipped to handle the various needs of their child with differences. Kids’ Night is staffed by a professional staff which includes special educators, therapists, nurses and behaviorists in addition to an army of community volunteers that help ensure safety and encourage fun. Kids’ Night provides opportunities for children to engage in safe and developmentally appropriate social activities with peers; it supports children in ways that enhance physical, emotional and social well-being with activities that are planned to be safe, creative and engaging; and encourages children to try physical activities in a supportive environment. Additionally, parents are given an opportunity to pursue their own self-care for a few hours once a month. Thanks to the generosity of the Kiwanis the money received will go toward funding the Kids’ Night program.

Grove Christian Outreach 

Funds received from the Kiwanis Club of Williamsburg grant will support our Children’s Summer Lunch Program and will be used to purchase food and related supplies for the program as well as to support the position of our Summer Lunch Program Coordinator.  Take-away lunches will provide good, nutritious food that will include an entrée (sandwich, pasta, chicken, etc.), juice, milk or water, fruit cup, fresh produce, a breakfast item for the following day, a snack and a dessert.  A fun activity to do at home and nutritional educational information will also be included in the lunches throughout the program period.  The lunches will be provided three days a week for a 10-week period during the summer school break.  The program provides lunches to Grove area children who typically receive free or reduced lunch at school and will fill this meal gap during the summer months.  We anticipate the program will serve 140 unduplicated children.  We are appreciative of the support Kiwanis Club of Williamsburg is providing to the children of Grove and to this important community feeding program.

Literacy for Life

Kiwanis funding will support critically important services provided by Literacy for Life to low-literate adults in our community. Services include one-to-one tutoring and classes in reading, writing, math, and English language. Literacy for Life also offers three themed programs: HEAL, EmployEd, and Empowering Parents. The award-winning HEAL Program® teaches low-literate adults how to understand medical terms and how to navigate the often complex medical system, significantly improving their health literacy. The EmployEd Program prepares adults to succeed in the workplace by teaching key work skills, helping with résumés and interview preparation, and providing preparation for specific local workplace credentialing programs. The Empowering Parents Program partners with local elementary schools to provide parents with instruction in reading with their children and navigating the school experience.

Photo Caption:   left to right – Mike Rock, President of the Kiwanis Club of Williamsburg Foundation, Elizabeth Ameling, Founder of Latisha’s House, Julie Cullifer, Executive Director and Founder of One Child Center for Autism, Antonija Simpson, Kiwanis Grants Committee Chair, Joan Peterson, Director of Literacy for Life, Sheree Beauford, a board member, and Pat McCormick, Executive Director from Grove Christian Outreach and Missy Zimmerman, President of the Kiwanis Club.