GuideStar Training 1/17

Free GuideStar Workshop: Hands-On Seminar

January 17th 2018, 9:00 – 10:30 am at the Williamsburg Health Foundation

4801 Courthouse Street, Suite 201, Williamsburg, Va.


Please RSVP by Close of Business on January 10. Since space is limited, we request that only one individual per organization participate.

The Williamsburg Community Foundation and the Williamsburg Health Foundation together with GuideStar, which was founded in Williamsburg where it still has its largest office, invite up to 20 organizations to claim and update their Nonprofit Profile on GuideStar.

GuideStar’s goal is straightforward:  By building and maintaining the world’s largest online source of information on nonprofit organizations, GuideStar is creating a data and knowledge hub dedicated to a more transparent nonprofit sector, improved intelligence about tax-exempt organizations, and more confident charitable giving.  By improving your organization’s GuideStar profile, you will increase your visibility and ability to attract talent and investment while bolstering your credibility in the community.

All that we need from you is a little bit of time and energy (no more than a few hours, total). The GuideStar-led workshop will be held at the Williamsburg Health Foundation Meeting Room at the SunTrust Building in New Town in Williamsburg.  At this training, GuideStar associates will walk you through every step in updating your profile — on your personal tablet or laptop — to achieve your Seals of Transparency which will help increase your visibility and credibility in the community and on a national stage.

Please bring your own laptop and charger and the following items to the training:

Bronze Seal:

  • Your nonprofit corporate documents (EIN, DBA name, letter of incorporation, letter of dissolution)
  • Mission statement, program names, program descriptions, populations served, geographic area served
  • Donation/payment address
  • Logo, tagline, website URL
  • Biographies, photo, and LinkedIn URL of organizational leader and/or co-leads
  • Board chair name

Silver Seal:

  • Revenue: contributions, gifts, grants, and other revenue
  • Expenses: program, administration, and other expenses
  • Total assets and liabilities, including net assets or fund balance at the end of year
  • Three funding sources and amounts for each
  • Audited financial statement (if you have one)

Gold Seal (open-ended questions):

  • Goals: What is your organization aiming to accomplish?
  • Strategies: What are your strategies for making this happen?
  • Capabilities: What are your organization’s capabilities for doing this?
  • Indicators: How will your organization know if you are making progress?
  • Progress: What have you accomplished so far and what’s next?

Platinum Seal:

  • How does your organization measure progress and results?
  • Select 3-5 metrics that fit your organization, using examples of your funding applications
  • Report your results: enter 3-5 quantitative results for each metric, plus context

If you have questions regarding what to bring, please contact Melanie Beaumont at

Melanie Beaumont
Director, Nonprofit Support

GuideStar | Williamsburg, VA


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